Chef’s Choice Knife Sharpener Review

Chefs Choice Knife Sharpener Review

Chefs Choice Knife Sharpener ​​: QUICK OVERVIEW


​Ease of use



What We Like

  • ​3 stage functioning
  • ​Durable
  • ​Capacity to withstand enormous pressure.
  • ​Takes less time to sharpen

What We Don't Like

  • ​Not suitable for sharpening Scissors
  • ​Not ideal for ceramic knives.
  • ​Creates mess
  • ​It works with only 15-degree angle knives.

When food is love and cooking is passion, all you need is the right tools. A knife is one of the most important parts of kitchen tools. As blades lose their edge in every 10-15 days, it gets necessary to have a knife sharpener at home. With the experience of using various sharpeners, we have found Chef’s choice knife sharpener as the best and will provide you with Chef’s choice knife sharpener review to help you get your kitchen cutting sorted.

Chef’s Choice Knife Sharpener is a sharpener used for a variety of knives and helps in sharpening the knives whether it is light sharpening, heavy sharpening or getting unique edges. Chef’s Choice sharpener is in the making since 1985 and has a variety of sharpeners at different prices. But the best electric knife sharpener is Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV Edge Select Professional Electric Knife Sharpener as it has multiple features which make it better than other electric knife sharpeners.

15 Trizor XV not only helps in sharpening the knives of 15 degrees but also helps in changing 20 degrees to 15 degrees. It comes with a dimension of 10*4.2*4.2 inches, and as its size is short, so it can be placed anywhere. It also helps in sharpening a small paring knife. It is a mechanical process and works with the help of electricity. It’s a combination of plastic and metal wherein the upper part is metal and the lower part is metal, and also both serrated blades and straight edge is available for sharpening.

Chef’s Choice Sharpener is a 3 stage sharpening system wherein stage 1 and 2 are for plating and, step 3 is used for polishing. It comes with a 3-year warranty and weighs around 2 kg only. It helps in converting your dull household knives to high- performance knives. Knife sharpening is single sided, and there is no pre-sharpening stage in this.

Who is this Product for?

This product is for all the people who cook whether it is home, restaurants or any place where food is cooked. However, make sure to keep this away from children as it is used to sharpen, and if played with a blade, it can lead to an injury.

What’s Included?

This model from Chef’s choice comes as a single device that is placed in a box with a manual. Before you start to use it, it’s recommended to read the manual carefully.

Overview of Features

Chef's Choice Knife Sharpener Review

Chef’s Choice has the potential to sharpen a wide assortment of knives at a 15- degree angle. It is a 3 stage sharpener wherein the first two stages are for plating, and the third one is for polishing. The sharpener provides a clean finish to your knife’s edge and also Trizor XV has a feature of giving the advantage back even to the dullest knife. It is used for a variety of knives like Chef’s knives, bread knives, hunting knives, fillet knives and many more.

How to use Chef’s Choice Knife Sharpener?

To utilize the Chef’s Choice electric blade sharpener, place your blade into the primary compartment and gradually destroy up on the handle to uniformly hone the edge. Rehash that stage three to multiple times on the two sides of the cutting edge, trailed by one quick draw.


There are many knife sharpeners available in the market. If you are looking for an option, you can also try Chef’s Choice Premium Knife Sharpener Model 1520. It sharpens knives both at 15 degrees and a 20-degree angle, 15 degrees for Japanese knives and 20 degrees for western knives. People having both Japanese and western collections are recommended to buy this one.

Final Verdict

Chef’s choice knife sharpener review will be of great use to you as everyone wants this kind of product these days. Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV Edge Select Professional Electric Knife is crafted with a lot of benefits, and it is not even time-consuming. It brings the ultimate value for your money as it comes in a nominal range and it is quite easy to use also. If you love cooking and are tired of chopping with bad knives, then you should have this to make your work easier.

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